Place your yacht in Charter Management with Torridon Yacht Charter.

Sula  returns to the Shieldaig Community Pontoon.  Image: Steve Carter.

Sula returns to the Shieldaig Community Pontoon.  Image: Steve Carter.

Torridon Yacht Charter is looking for charter management opportunities to complement our fleet and grow our business.  

Owning a yacht in charter management allows you to generate an income from your vessel when you are not using it, thereby contributing to ownership costs and off-setting some depreciation.   Torridon Yacht Charter offers you a managed yacht, well found and well cared for, in commission and ready for you when you want it, located in one of the most beautiful cruising areas in the world.

The Scottish Government aims to increase the value of sailing visitor expenditure from £101 million per year to £145 million per year by 2020.  This is coupled to a drive by economic development agencies and coastal communities to develop marina and pontoon facilities. With flights to Inverness from London, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester and rail and road links from the rest of Scotland, there has never been a better time to own a yacht in charter management on the northwest coast.

Why place your yacht in charter management with Torridon Yacht Charter?

  • pontoon access 
  • mainland location - we are 70 miles from Inverness, with flights to London and other European destinations. We are 4 hours drive from Aberdeen and 5 - 6 hours from central Scotland. 
  • a welcoming family management team 
  • effective marketing - corporate website, Instagram and Facebook page, representation at boat shows by Sail Scotland, a collaborative marketing group and good old fashioned net working.
  • our maintenance infrastructure - eight years operating Torridon Sea Tours and 30 years commercial fishing.
  • management of the MCA Coding process and regular maintenance.
  • the finest cruising ground in the world - the Inner & Outer Hebrides, the Isle of Skye, the Summer Isles, St Kilda and the northwest. 
  • our self catering house, The Net Store, that those less keen on sailing can take when you are on the water!

We are a sister company to Torridon RIB Charter and Torridon Sea Tours and with a deep love of Scotland, we are natural ambassadors for all that our coastline offers the cruising sailor.  We believe that yacht charter in Scotland is a premium product and wish our charter guests to see this running through all aspects of our business. 

Contact Gordon Drysdale to discuss Charter Management. / +44 (0) 7803 206 303


For a bespoke skippered RIB charter on Loch Torridon, contact Torridon RIB Charter.

For luxury and seclusion on land while others sail, why not stay in The Net Store?